About As The Mystery Unfolds

Welcome to As The Mystery Unfolds.

We’re not quite ready to launch yet, but the blog is very active behind the scenes so we thought we’d share our vision with you.

“We” is Danielle Hanna and Carrie Lynn Lewis. You can read about us here, so we won’t repeat ourselves. Suffice it to say that we share similar writing interests, love to brainstorm, and have an equal fascination with new ideas.

This new idea is simple. We’ll be presenting a mystery story to you, one week at a time. Carrie will write a chapter. Danielle will write a chapter. Carrie will write a chapter.

And here’s where it gets good. We’re counting on YOU to help us write the story. Leave a comment. Let us know how you like the latest developments. Tell us what you’d like to see happen next. We’re counting on you to take an active role in the story … as the mystery unfolds.

We’re also planning some very cool contests as each story comes to a close. Don’t miss out on the give-aways! So when does all the fun start? We’re hoping to “go live” in spring or summer 2014. Stay tuned for details.

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